County Shuts Down John MacArthur’s On-Campus Coffee Shop at Grace Community Church


Church happens with or without coffee. The Lord Jesus himself proclaimed that not even the gates of Hell would prevail against the true Church (Matthew 16:18). And in the midst of a conflict between Church and State, particularly, John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church and the state and local governments where his church resides, the church’s resolve is growing stronger in the face of deep persecution.

Earlier this month, John MacArthur announced that despite the Draconian executive orders by California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, his church would be unshaken and would continue to meet. Later, concerns arose of a possible utility shut off.

Now, it appears that at least some those utilities have been shut off.

While as of 7/29/20, the notice of closure is not listed on the LA County Health Department website, a picture of the closure notice that has been posted on the door of Grace Community Church’s Steeple House Coffee is making its rounds on social media.

Currently, this has been confirmed as legitimate by at least one staff member at Grace.

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