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NC Governor Says You Can’t Buy Food Unless You Submit to His Facemask Order


In an interesting show of authoritarian control by a power-hungry tyrant, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper says unless you wear a facemask — as he has so heavy-handedly commanded us to do — then “don’t go into a store.”

Reminiscent of biblical end-times prophecy reigniting fears of not being able to buy or sell without taking the Mark of the Beast, Cooper has single-handedly instituted a system of control over North Carolina’s population that is nearly without recourse. While there is currently a lawsuit pending against the governor for ordering the state’s citizens to do things he has no power or authority to do, there appears to be little support in the legal system for seeking recourse against his unconstitutional actions. All-in-all, this governor has set himself up as king and dared you to question him.

“For those who continue to defy basic decency and common sense because they refuse to wear a mask,” Cooper whines, “either wear one or don’t go into the store. The refusal to wear a mask is selfish. It infringes on the life and liberty of everyone else in the store.”

Unless you know of another place other than a store to buy food, it looks like Cooper has reinforced his plan by denying essential basic human necessities unless you bow at his feet and do as he says.

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