NC Governor Says Schools Will Reopen, But Everyone Will Wear Facemasks


North Carolina Governor, Roy Cooper says that NC Schools can reopen in the fall, however, “face coverings will be required for everybody in the school building.”

After recent backlash from parents who can’t work because their kids can’t go to school, Cooper finally made the announcement on July 14 despite pressure from teachers who would rather lay around at home and get paid not to work. Citing fears of coronavirus spread, teachers and their unions pushed for remote learning only. Thankfully, enough conservative pressure led to the reopening announcement.

However, the use of facemasks for “everybody in the school building” is going to be a huge problem for most people. Schools are filled with children who are already distracted enough, suffer from ADHD and other learning disabilities, and have a hard time both socially and functionally in the classroom. Face coverings will certainly add to this and do little, if anything, to slow the progression of the disease.

During his announcement, Cooper did not cite any exemptions for these students who deal with these problems. While some students may find it easy and non-distracting to put on a face covering, for others, it will be a major battle.

Currently, Roy Cooper is being sued by Lt. Governor Dan Forest for failing to consult the Council of State before enacting his Draconian and unconstitutional executive orders.

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