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“Black Lives Matter” Movement is Stupid and Should be Rejected by All Rational Thinking Human Beings


“Black Lives Matter” is the new rallying cry of the Democrat Socialist party of America and is now being promulgated throughout society as though it has any real meaning. But it is nothing but a meaningless platitude used to distract from the actual systemic problems within the black community; fatherlessness, gang culture, drugs and violence, inordinate high school dropout rate, glorified sex-freedom, and worst of all, abortion. The least of all of the problems in the black community are “systemic racism” and being killed by cops.

The Black Lives Matter movement is stupid. What’s worse is that ordinarily rational-thinking people have embraced it. But the actual facts and statistics don’t support the stated cause of the motive — that blacks are inordinately killed by white people, particularly white cops.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, Black on White violent crimes are nearly 10 times higher than white on black violent crime — despite the fact that blacks only make up a little over 13 percent of the nation’s population.


What’s worse, in some major cities around the United States, black babies are aborted at a much higher percentage than black babies that are actually born. So don’t talk to us about how you care about black lives when you’re committing infanticide and genocide at these rates.

Your movement is stupid. All Lives Matter. That is the only cry a rational human being should be making. To engage in the absurdity of the factually and statistically void movement of chanting “Black Lives Matter” or posting #BLM signs in your front yards in the hopes that your home won’t be vandalized when the mobs come through your neighborhood — just know, it isn’t about black lives at all.

Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about black lives.

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