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Washington Redskins Cave to Mob, Will Change Team Name and Logo



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“The Washington Redskins announced Monday they will change their team name and logo after about 87 years of using it, in the wake of corporate and public pressure to ditch the moniker over racial connotations,” Fox News reported today.

In the wake of riots around the nation following the death of George Floyd, a black man, by a Minneapolis police officer, the Communist political party known as Black Lives Matter has taken an active role in the destruction of American history at the cost of dozens of lives — including children and police officers. Other groups, such as Antifa, have joined the chaos in tearing down statues of both Union and Confederate leaders, and have joined the chorus in calling on governments and businesses to embrace the movement “cancel culture” for anyone who refuses to comply with their demands.

Sadly, many business owners have been bullied into complicity for fear of losing their business, having their buildings and even homes burned down, or even having their lives taken from them at the hands of angry, racist, anti-white mobs.

Now, the NFL team, the Washington Redskins, have caved to the demands and will retire a historically significant team name and logo for no other reason than because a handful of America-hating activists demand they do so. Hopefully, the NFL and the team will pay for their pandering. But they probably won’t.


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