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Don’t Forget, After Reprimanded by Black Nationalist, John Piper Became Black Lives Matter Supporter



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In January 2016, notable theologian and speaker, John Piper, tweeted what appeared to be a reprimand against the Black Lives Matter movement based on the information about the founders he read on the movement’s official website being queer- and trans-affirming. Righly so, Piper repudiated the movement at the time. But it wasn’t long before he flip-flopped and embraced the movement.

Black Lives Matter, a nation-wide movement that has become increasingly clear that it is tied directly to its founders and their pro-Marxist, pro-sodomy beliefs, has gained quite a bit of traction in the last several years. It is a movement that many so-called “conservative” pastors and church leaders relentlessly try to separate from the official organization. But it cannot be done. The organization is Marxist. The movement is Marxist. It is not rooted in facts, statistics, and truth, but on such postmodern ideologies as intersectionality and identity politics. It is ungodly and unbiblical — yet pastors try to embrace it anyway.

But, in 2016, Piper tweeted,lives or particularly,

According to Piper himself, he was later reprimanded by Black Nationalist pastor of Anacostia River Church in Washington, D.C., Thabiti Anyabwile, for his tweet and Piper quickly changed tunes. Piper says in a podcast five months later, and rightly so, that he found Black Lives Matter to be offensive,

There is a website called blacklivesmatter.com. And I read it and, oh my goodness, it was awful. I mean, I didn’t like it, because it featured three women who claimed to be the founders of Black Lives Matter — Alicia Garza, Opal Tometti, Patrice Colors — and they self-identified as “queer black women.” And in big, bold banners on their HerStory, not history, HerStory page, they say that they are queer-affirming and transgender-affirming.

But that he then changed his tune after being confronted by Anyabwile,

Well, a few weeks later I was in Louisville with the Together for the Gospel team, which included Thabiti Anyabwile. And, if you don’t know Thabiti, he is a black pastor in Washington, D.C. and he is, as everyone who knows him realizes, intellectually, theologically, culturally, highly intelligent, highly articulated, highly courageous, highly levelheaded, and not a pushover. And he let me know clearly, that wasn’t helpful.

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That kind of thing unqualified, no context, was, in the give-and-take we were having around the table — we did it for two or three days, great friendships there, a lot of blunt in-your-face talk at that meeting.

He helped me see for the mass of ordinary folks, black folks in particular, that website is a nonissue. It doesn’t even exist. They don’t know it is there. It is not driving anything and, therefore, my call now, my learning afresh of needing to make distinctions between, one, a patently true slogan — black lives matter — and, two, ideological roots of a name that may be the real roots, or they may have been co-opted. I mean, the name may have been co-opted.

But the problem is, is that they are inextricably tied. The movement along with the slogan is not only tied to the lies of the godless, leftist organization, but is being dominated and controlled by the organization — and the organization is funding the Democrat party. It’s all a political movement that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual value of human lives or, particularly, black lives. It is nothing more than a movement to advance a socialist cause in our country and our social justice “church leaders” have been given over to it and are leading so many others astray.


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