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As Lawsuit Looms Against Governor, Two More NC Counties Vow Not to Enforce Facemask Mandate



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Yesterday, Reformation Charlotte reported that Craven Country Sheriff, Chip Hughes, vowed not to enforce the unconstitutional facemask mandate set in place by Communist Comrade, Roy Cooper. Today, at least two more counties in North Carolina have vowed to follow suit.

Yesterday, Lieutenant Governor, Dan Forest announced his intent to file a lawsuit against Cooper for violating the law and enacting mandates that he doesn’t have the authority to enact.

Today, I notified Governor Cooper that, as a member of the Council of State, I will be suing his administration for violating the Emergency Management Act. The Governor has repeatedly ignored the law, enacting mandates that selectively target the businesses and citizens of North Carolina without concurrence from a majority of the Council of State.

Forest penned an official letter of intent to sue to Cooper which can be read at this link.

Below is from Fox 46, Charlotte:

CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Governor Roy Cooper’s new executive order, requiring people to wear face masks, is aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus. But numerous police and sheriffs across N.C. have their own message about the mandate.

Just hours after Governor Cooper made his announcement of making face masks a requirement, sheriffs in North Carolina went to Facebook to make their message loud and clear — they won’t enforce the mandate.

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After careful review of Gov. Cooper’s order, Sheriff Don Brown of Catawba County said “we find this order to be unenforceable.”

Full statement from the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office:

“My office has received inquiries concerning Governor Cooper’s order (Executive Order No. 147) making the wearing of masks mandatory at retail establishments. After careful review, we find this order to be unenforceable.

We otherwise recognize that this matter, like many facing us, is an emotional issue that has strong opinions on all sides. We encourage all citizens to take the precautions they feel are necessary to protect their families and themselves.

As your Sheriff, I am committed to protecting your personal freedoms. Our service and commitment to you will not waver, no matter the crisis.”

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