North Carolina Sheriff Vows to Ignore Tyrant Governor’s Unconstitutional Facemask Mandate


Praise God that there are a few lesser magistrates in the world that still have the gall to stand up to tyrants in this ever-changing political climate. As the world moves increasingly to the left, Democrat governors and politicians are increasingly ovestepping their authority to implement radical policies that benefit only themselves.

The latest is NC Governor Roy Cooper, who recently mandated that everyone wear facemasks out in public and businesses and organizations who refused to enforce the mandate could be fined. Cooper, who broke his own executive order to march with radical leftist protestors and anti-government anarchists — and did so without a mask — has now decided to punish the rest of the state for his own stupid actions.

If you want to wear a mask, wear one. Nobody will judge you for doing so. And if a business chooses to only serve customers who wear masks, that’s their prerogative, and they have the right to do so. But the governor of a state does not have the Constitutional authority to mandate that the entire state wear facemasks while out in public. He clearly overstepped his authority in that order.

And, thankfully, some local governments are refusing to comply, including Sheriff Chip Hughes of Craven County, NC.

Hughes has his head on straight and hopefully other counties and local governments will follow suit.

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