Catholic University Professor Fired for Tweeting Negatively About Obama and Clinton


As the leftist mob continues to rage and wage war against any intelligent thought or logical reasoning, conservatives are taking the brunt of the attack and ending up as casualties piled one upon another as the stench of rotting history makes its way into every facet of society. Conservatives are losing jobs and being silenced at every angle. Social media is waging war against the free speech of conservative opinion and we’re all just sitting around doing nothing about it.

America is burning down right before our eyes.

John Tieso, a former Adjunct Professor of Business Management at Catholic University of America, claims he was fired from his professorship at the school for tweeting negatively about former president Barack Obama and twice-failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Reformation Charlotte looked at Tieso’s tweet history and found nothing that would have been remotely controversial six months — even three months — ago. But now that the leftist mob has seized control of all speech in America and has the ability to punish anyone who speaks against their gods and goddesses, even the slightest hint of dissenting opinion now ends with serious reprimand. Here are his tweets that apparently got him the boot.

Tieso, it appears, did nothing except remind the American people and his followers on social media of the damage that these far-left radicals have left in the wake of their leftist policies and actions. Reformation Charlotte looked at Catholic University’s web page and has confirmed that Tieso’s staff bio has been removed confirming his statement that he is no longer employed.

Tieso’s staff page, which is screenshotted below, was previously available at this link (no longer working) but for now, is still available on Google cache at this link.

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