Again, Twitter Censors President’s Tweet Calling for Law and Order in the Face of Violent Riots and Protests


Twitter has once again censored the president of the United States by citing violations of the “Twitter Rules about abusive behavior.” Earlier today, President Trump tweeted that violence, vandalism, and destruction would be met with the full force of the law if rioters came to Washington, D.C. to attempt their destructive behavior in the nation’s capital.

Who would have known that a warning to criminals against their criminal behavior would violate Twitter’s rules? Anyone in their right mind would agree with the president that it’s time to put a stop to this chaos that is wreaking havoc all over the nation — but especially in the city that would put the nation’s leader in physical danger.

Twitter calls law and order “abusive behavior.”

Last month, Twitter censored the president’s tweet when he warned that looters and criminals would be met with the full force of the law if city officials did not step up their game to stop the chaos in their cities.

Twitter later acknowledged that the tweet did not violate any of the Twitter rules, but continued to censor him anyway.

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