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Southern Baptist Seminary Provost Tweets “Black Power” Fist in Solidarity With Black Nationalism



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As the culture in America continues to trend toward lawlessness, anarchy, and complete chaos, more and more people are succumbing to the anti-Christian worldview used to prop up leftist ideology that is quickly turning America into a third-world nation. Leftists are calling for the defunding of police as hundreds are being murdered in the streets of major cities around the country. Statues are being ripped down indiscriminately that represent the history of Western civilization in America. And cities are being conquered by militant anarchy groups while politicians are calling it “patriotic.”

But worse than that, church leaders of supposedly conservative denominations are bowing to and raising fists in solidarity with anti-Christian organizations and movements such as Black Lives Matter.

Last week, Southern Baptist President JD Greear announced that his church would be partaking in an anti-police anti-government protest in North Carolina. While Greear stated in passing that he doesn’t support the organization itself, he refused to denounce anything specific. However, Greear did urge Christians to ignore facts and statistics about racial violence and instead, chant the Marxist slogans of the Black Lives Matter organization in solidarity with them. He used his platform as Southern Baptist president to advance this message.

Now, one of the most notorious racial agitators in the Southern Baptist Convention is raising a black fist in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the “black power” black nationalist movement.

Matthew Hall is the provost of the most prestigious seminary in the Southern Baptist Convention and works directly under the leadership of Al Mohler. Hall, a tongue-in-cheek self-proclaimed racist and white supremacist, has continually urged Christians to join the ranks of the black nationalist movement replacing any semblance of the gospel with anti-racism activism. Hall, along with other Southern Baptist leaders such as Russell Moore, Al Mohler, JD Greear, Thabiti Anyabwile, and others, have created an environment in the denomination that does nothing but breed disunity among believers and validate the false narrative that leads to the destruction of civilization.

While America is being torched to the ground by activists who subscribe to Hall’s narrative, Hall continues to sit in his ivory tower and advance this garbage that continues to lead to destruction. Why Matthew Hall hasn’t been denounced by true leaders and real men is beyond all sane comprehension. Instead of saying nothing, say something.


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