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Tulsa Craigslist Post Solicits COVID-Positive People to Spread Virus at Trump Rally as “Test Subjects”



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A Craigslist posting in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where a Trump rally is scheduled for this weekend, called on COVID-19-positive people to come and stand outside of the Tulsa-BOK Center as a “large scale test on transmission of the virus.” The original post has since been flagged for removal by Craigslist. However, we were able to obtain a screenshot from before the post was removed.

No photo description available.

While it is likely that the posting was in jest, the sentiment behind the post is real and calls on people to knowingly commit an actual violent crime. To knowingly and purposely spread a deadly disease is a criminal act and whoever is behind the posting should be held accountable for it.

On the other hand, the posting certainly does expose how far the left is willing to go to continue the coronavirus narrative for political gain. While thousands upon thousands of people are rallying in the streets of cities around the country to denounce the police, western civilization, and cause mass destruction, these same people are silent on the “dangers” of the coronavirus in this setting. In fact, the protests are even encouraged by “health officials” who insist coronavirus is not a danger. The hypocrisy is relentless and unforgiving.


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