SBC President Urges Christians to Ignore Facts and Statistics and Instead Chant Marxist Slogans


It can no longer be ignored what the Southern Baptist Convention has devolved into and that its elected leader, JD Greear, has proven himself time and time again incompetent to lead the largest Protestant denomination in the nation. However, Greear himself isn’t the problem, but a symptom of the postmodern mindset that now pervades Southern Baptist seminaries, churches, and leaders around the country.

Black Lives Matter is an organization that stands for pro-homosexual anti-Christian anti-nuclear family Marxist ideology. It is a tangible organization with leaders and chapters that organize protests. But not only is Black Lives Matter an organization, it is also a slogan used to denote these aspects. It is a call to action invented by Marxist revolutionaries designed to invoke a mindset among its adherents of racial inequality and incite tensions between racial groups. It does not actually have anything to do with the value and importance of black lives.

Yet, our church leaders — who should be vehemently opposed to this ideology — are instead playing into their hands, chanting their slogans, and practically giving the clarion call to revolutionaries within their own ranks to join with the secularists and carry out the Marxist agenda. This is exactly what JD Greear, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention is doing. While he can deny that he supports the ideologies of the organization, he continues to repeat their mantra and give them credence by urging Christians not to say “all lives matter,” but, instead, ignore facts and statistics and elevate personal experience above all else — also known as “Standpoint Epistemology.”

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