NC Police Officers and White Citizens Wash Feet and Beg Forgiveness From Black Pastors


This is what happens when secular ideology becomes idolatry. So many professing Christians around the country have turned from their faith and turned to the idol of identity politics and have caved to the cultural demands of militant anti-government groups. It’s understandable that the world idolizes their own pet passions, but for people who profess Christ to partake in this — it should make your stomach turn.

White citizens joined white police officers in Cary, North Carolina to wash the feet and beg forgiveness from black “faith leaders” in the area for sins that they did not commit. To see this sickening display of rank blasphemy against the Creator is absolutely incogitable. It is very hard to believe that this isn’t satire taking place on a comedy stand, except that it’s so sad.


Lest anyone confuse what you’re seeing here with actual Christianity, let’s get one thing straight. Jesus Christ alone is sufficient to cover the sins of all of his people — past, present, and future. If you are in Christ, you are not condemned for any sin. Those “faith leaders” who continue to hold a grudge against white people do not understand Christianity. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. What we’re seeing is nothing remotely close to Christianity. These people — these pastors and these citizens — all need to come to Jesus.

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