Southern Baptist President to Join Pro-Gay Militant Anarchy Groups in NC to Protest the Government


Raleigh, North Carolina is home to Summit Church, which is subsequently home to the Southern Baptist Convention’s current president, JD Greear. For those of you who don’t know who Greear is, he is the symptom of a massive influx of leftism in the denomination.

Greear is now promoting an initiative by one of his underling pastors, Michael Georges Jr. who is leading a team from Summit Church to join with militant anarchy groups like the pro-LGBTQ Black Lives Matter and domestic terrorist group, ANTIFA to protest the government. While we support the Constitutional right to peacefully assemble, this protest has clearly devolved into anything but peaceful and has accomplished nothing but more chaos, destruction, vandalism, and even death — clearly something the Church has no business being involved in. Yet, for woke social justice warriors like Greear, their pet cause of social justice has once again overshadowed the mission of the Church by officially supporting from the Church platform an organized protest against the civil government.

Georges has made it clear that this protest is not just a gathering of their church or other churches, but with “community leaders,” including Black Lives Matter and other anti-police hate groups.

The call to “protest and pray” while “lamenting” can be reduced to effeminate white people virtue-signaling while getting down on their knees and apologizing for their “white privilege” — a concept heavily promoted by Greear and the vast majority of his colleagues in the denomination. After the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, JD Greear had a pro-abortion feminist and a Sunday School teacher at his church write up a statement lamenting “white privilege” and several hundred Summit church members signed the statement. Let that sink in.

TRENDING:  Farewell Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
TRENDING:  Farewell Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

All Christians believe in justice and all Christians should speak up for the injustice of those who don’t receive it. But the Southern Baptist Convention has proven to be nothing more than a Democrat social activist platform and they are using the tragic deaths of these people to advance an ideology that has no business in the Church.

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