Joe Biden Says He Understands Racism on Blacks Because He Was Bullied as a Kid for Stuttering


In an incoherent, stuttering diatribe, Joe Biden said according to the NY Post that while he doesn’t know what it’s like to be a black man walking down the street and be “accosted,” he does understand their plight because he does “know what it’s like to be humiliated,” and that “when I was a kid, I used to stutter — like that.”

“I am used to bullies. I am used to people who take advantage of people. I am used to people who in fact just try to exert power for their own egotistical reasons,” he added.

Let’s just get one thing clear from the get-go — Joe Biden, you still stutter. In fact, since you started your basement campaign, you’ve failed to ever put together a coherent thought.

Not that any of that matters, though. Biden’s campaign, like all leftists, is built on the foundation that people who contribute little to nothing to society will be able to continue to feed from the teat of big government. The leftist plantation has kept more blacks as slaves than any other system in American history — even more than chattel slavery, God forbid.

Nonetheless, the helpless Democrats who are enslaved to a system — both rich and poor — are unable to think for themselves to see that such a deceitful, old man has no interest in doing anything to advance cause of poor or underprivileged people of any ethnicity, but to build an even deeper dependence on government solidifying their own power by locking in their votes and keeping under the impression that any other way is out of their reach.

Thank God that many people are waking up to this and realizing it.

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