Protest Organizer Claims He’s Paid by George Soros


Nobody in their right mind has ever doubted that big money influencers are behind the woke movement that’s causing so much chaos in our country and around the world. There are the Evangelical elites that will throw shade at anyone who dares to talk about it, like Joe Carter and Ed Stetzer. But again, we’re talking about people in their right mind.

One protest organizer was interviewed recently and openly admitted that he was paid — directly by George Soros — to organize protests and that he gets rich off of it. He also gave information on how others can join him in getting paid by Soros to “well, like, start a movement.”

Reformation Charlotte was unable to find this link that the man in this video refers to. While he could certainly be doing this for attention, there have been several credible reports of paid protestors at these events.

Posted by Valerie Ramirez on Saturday, May 30, 2020

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