Virtue-Signaling White Pastor Preaches at BLM Rally, Calls on “His People” to Repent of Racism


Pastors are entrusted with the gospel and when pastors abuse their platform to proclaim that which is contrary to the gospel, God says he will hold them accountable. In the midst of total chaos amid the tragic killing of George Floyd, while pastors of every ethnicity should be coming together to point people to the only hope for this world, Jesus Christ, instead, many effete white pastors are on the streets virtue-signaling and placating militant anarchists whose purpose isn’t to seek reconciliation, but to cause destruction as they tear down any semblance of Western civilization.

In the video below, you can see exactly one of these men doing just that — instead of preaching the gospel and pointing people to Christ, he’s placating angry black people by bowing the knee to the narrative of white supremacy and systemic racism and calling on “all my people,” including everyone in his church, to “repent.”

Exactly what it is he wants them to repent of, he doesn’t say. However, one thing is for sure, the Scriptures never call on anyone to repent of something on behalf of others. Despite the prevailing narrative of the Black Lives Matter movement, all white people are not responsible for George Floyd’s death nor are they responsible for Ahmaud Arbery’s death.

But this entire show isn’t about justice, it is all about power. Every bit of what we see taking place in the streets of large cities and small towns around the world is about power. Think about it, the violent protesters aren’t interested in justice otherwise they would be acting like it. What is it that the peaceful protesters are protesting? Injustice? Nope. The cop that killed George Floyd is in maximum security prison. A hate crime? There isn’t a shred of evidence that race played any part in this. None. This protest, and particularly, the rioting and anarchy, is without grounds–top to bottom. It is nothing more than an attempt to grab power by keeping people under the impression that they are being treated unfairly. It is the only way to get them to rise up to the fake cause. Otherwise, they forget how “oppressed” they are and apathy sets in because, well, for the most part, their lives are pretty darn good.

So watch this man throw his entire church and all white people under the bus for no other reason than to signal his own virtue with meaningless and self-flagellating platitudes while the mob stands around and videotapes him as he makes a fool of himself before them and God.

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