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Band of White Stooges March Down Street Chanting “Black Trans Lives Matter”



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As leftists are busy using the coronavirus pandemic to release violent criminal inmates into the street, one might look at some of the protests taking place in the streets of cities around the world and wonder if they made a mistake and instead, released the patients from the local psych ward. It seems as though all restraint has been removed from the insane asylum and mental illness has completely taken over the world. But, no. It’s just leftism as usual — it’s just on display for everyone to see.

In the midst of the protests ensuing the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands — or knee — of a Minneapolis police officer, as a handful of people are truly upset over the incident and want justice, the vast majority of them are simply opportunistic buffoons. From looting and stealing to vandalism and killing police officers, practically everyone in the streets are part of the problem — not the solution.

But this entire show isn’t about justice, it is all about power. Every bit of what we see taking place in the streets of large cities and small towns around the world is about power. Think about it, the violent protesters aren’t interested in justice otherwise they would be acting like it. What is it that the peaceful protesters are protesting? Injustice? Nope. The cop that killed George Floyd is in maximum security prison. A hate crime? There isn’t a shred of evidence that race played any part in this. None. This protest, and particularly, the rioting and anarchy, is without grounds–top to bottom. It is nothing more than an attempt to grab power by keeping people under the impression that they are being treated unfairly. It is the only way to get them to rise up to the fake cause. Otherwise, they forget how “oppressed” they are and apathy sets in because, well, for the most part, their lives are pretty darn good.

Watch as a band of brainwashed boobs march down the street chanting something that has absolutely nothing to do with the death of George Floyd, “black trans lives matter, black trans lives matter.” And they’re all white.



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