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White Protestors Bow Down at the Feet of Black People and Pray For “Forgiveness”



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The biggest problem in our divided society today is not racism, it’s dishonesty. And the fact that so many people are either unable or unwilling to honestly speak the truth to others for fear of offending them adds fuel to the fire of hatred, suspicion, and mistrust. Despite the fact that as a human race, we’re all fallen and separate from God apart from Christ, humanity has a tendency to self-preservation.

In a fascinating display of self-righteous virtue-signaling, a group of white protesters bow at the feet of black protesters and pray for forgiveness on behalf of the entire white race for “years and years” of “systematic racism.”

But the entire white race is not responsible for the death of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, or any other black person who died unjustly. The tragic deaths of these individuals — which we should all abhor — were committed not by a race or by systems, but by people. A system cannot sin against God nor can a collective group of people. Individuals sin. And those who do should be held accountable for them.

Yet, in a day were racial tensions are amplified by biased leftist media and racial agitators, in society and even in the Church, it’s clear why these emotions are overtake all logical thinking.

As Christians, we must acknowledge that many in the black community experience real and tangible emotions as it concerns racial identity. Their feelings are real — many of them feel pain and hurt. We can’t ignore that and we must deal with it. But we must not validate emotions that are built upon a false narrative. We must always speak the truth in love and then point to the gospel.

The Church and society can never fix racism — in any form — nor can it fix any sin. Only Jesus Christ can do that. But we as a Church can speak to the consciences of people in society who commit acts of racism as we support the civil justice system to wield the sword of justice to those who commit crimes against others. We should abhor racism as much as we abhor abortion, homosexuality, or any other sin. But we cannot validate lies, we have to be honest. And what these people are doing is dishonest — it’s shifting the blame from those who are responsible to those who are not. And it solves nothing.


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