White Instigator Caught Trying to Incite Protesters to Commit Acts of Violence


While the vast majority of these protests around America have devolved into complete chaos, destruction, and anarchy, much of the blame for instigation can be pinned down to a few far left activists who desire to see a revolution from traditional American life into a new society founded on secular progressivism.

We’ve stated repeatedly that we abhor racism and violence in all its forms and we support the right to protest peacefully — even if we disagree on the reason for it. But we abhor just as much the chaotic acts of violence and destruction that these protests have deteriorated into.

It is no secret that far left activist groups funded by ideologues like George Soros are behind much of the instigation that is taking place in these cities. Now, one guy was caught on film trying to instigate a crowd of protesters into flipping over a truck and, thankfully, the peaceful protesters refused.

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