Why Roy Cooper is Unfit as North Carolina’s Governor and Should Be Voted Out of Office


North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper Fails in Every Possible Way. Here’s Why.

There is a reason why the reopen protests have rocked North Carolina in the past few days. Roy Cooper delayed phase one reopening despite data showing the state was ready to reopen half a month earlier. Two weeks into phase one and the total rate of daily cases has decreased from 13% to 8% despite. The same data suggest the state is ready for phase two reopening, but the tyrant in Raleigh does not budge. Businesses that can safely reopen will have to endure another month of losses thanks to Cooper, who disregards any scientific evidence not supporting his agenda. The state will also suffer lost business if Trump relocates the Republican National Convention from the state.

Roy Cooper vetoed the Read to Achieve bill that would have made North Carolina children able to read by third grade. The program was a response to the Excellent Public Schools Act of 2019, which directed the state to address the falling education levels. The governor decided to unilaterally oppose the bipartisan bill that had been drafted by legislators from both parties. His actions proved that he could not be trusted even by his party to do the right thing. The liberal communist wants to ensure NC remains ignorant to guarantee an army of robotic voters who can be swayed easily by leftist propaganda.

Cooper also vetoed the budget in 2019 because it did not include enough socialism. He was unimpressed by a budget that sought to support businesses by easing the tax burden on establishments that are the backbone of the economy. Like every other state under liberals, Cooper wants to undermine all businesses and turn NC into another poverty-stricken Liberal hell-hole.

Apart from his shortcomings as an administrator, Cooper’s integrity is also extremely underwhelming. Investigators found the Democratic governor improperly used his authority and influence in the $57.8 million mitigation fund. Cooper was holding the pipeline permits hostage until the companies agreed to pay $55 million. Cooper later called Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good to increase the amount to $57.8 million. The governor’s senior advisor, Ken Eudy, then called Duke Energy, requesting the company to write a letter claiming the fund was “voluntarily” provided. Duke Energy refused to write the letter.

Not only did the corrupt governor misuse his authority, but he also lied about his role in the saga, according to his top aide. Consequently, Cooper’s top aide wants him to testify under oath. Similarly, Lt. Governor Dan Forest wants the FBI to investigate the governor because of evidence that criminal violations took place. It is clear nobody wants to be associated with the embattled governor. However, it is hardly surprising that Cooper scores so poorly on integrity, considering it is a virtue in such short supply on the Democratic side.

Lastly, don’t forget how the baby-killer Cooper vetoed the North Carolina’s Born-Alive Abortion Bill. Roy Cooper essentially lifted any responsibilities for the murder clinics to continue with genocide, especially of African American children. Cooper gave the murderous establishments the mandate to finish the job and kill any child fortunate enough to survive the first murder attempt through induced abortion.

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Cooper is a typical tyrant who is very incapable of making sound educational and economic policies. He also fails the ethical test as evident in his shoddy dealings with the pipeline construction companies. His morality is also questionable because of his refusal to protect both the unborn and the helpless babies who survive abortion. He is also a tyrant who only survives by using veto power to override the will of the majority. The only way to solve the problems of North Carolina is by voting him out of office in November.

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