As NC Governor Threatens to Halt RNC Over Coronavirus, Ignores Mass Leftist Riots in Charlotte


Right now, the fate of the Republican National Convention which is slated to be held in Charlotte, NC in August hangs in the looms as Democrat Governor Roy Cooper and his political mistress, Health Secretary Mandy Cohen threaten the event with drastic lockdown and social distancing rules which would render the gathering effectively impossible.

Cohen has repeatedly stated that she believes any gathering of more than 10 people should be restricted. In the meantime, mass leftist protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death are wreaking havoc in Charlotte creating chaos and devolving into complete anarchy. Cooper has been silent.

North Carolina has been one of the least impacted states in the nation with the coronavirus with virtually no threat of running out of hospital beds or other needed medical supplies. Further, the number of deaths per 100,000 people are among the lowest in the world. Despite this fact, Governor Roy Cooper has, at the behest of the incompetent NC Department of Health, has continued to lead the state in a seemingly never-ending shutdown as tens of thousands of people are displaced from their jobs and losing their livelihoods.

Interestingly, he doesn’t see fit to comment on the politically expedient riots taking place in Charlotte. The rioting — as with most leftist gatherings — has devolved into violence, looting, and vandalism. Who could have ever predicted that? The rioting resulted in several arrests last night, including a Charlotte City Council Member. Braxton Winston, one of Charlotte’s far-left do-nothing worthless Democrats was arrested and charged with failure to disperse after the protests escalated into anarchy and the gathering was deemed an illegal gathering.

Of course, social distancing laws, in Cooper’s mind, only need to be enforced when it’s politically expedient to do so and in this case, it is politically expedient to extend the lockdown through the Republican National Convention if he can get away with it. Watch some clips of the protest from last night as these thugs violently harass, swarm, and attack these police officers.

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