In Effort to Fight Racism, Black Leftists Take Out Anger on Black Business-Owners


In the wake of the horrific death George Floyd, rioting, vandalism, violence, and looting have ensued in the city of Minneapolis, MN. Despite your politics, religion, or ethnicity, most sane people should be able to agree that this response is not only unhelpful but illegal and every person involved should be held accountable. Yet, the mentality of the left is to disrupt society in an effort to effect some kind of revolutionary change. And in the case of perceived racial injustice, these drastic acts of lawlessness are not only warranted but necessary to achieve that end.

To be clear, from the evidence put forth for public consumption thus far, there does not appear to be a plausible excuse for what this officer did to Floyd and every legal means of justice should be sought in this case.

That being said, leftists are hell-bent on complete and total destruction and they’re willing to do so by any means necessary — including acts of violence against innocent people. In this case, black rioters in Minneapolis are destroying businesses owned by blacks in what they believe to be “righteous indignation” against white-on-black racism. You really can’t make this stuff up.

This whole movement is not about race or racism. It’s not about justice vs injustice. It’s about taking a crisis and twisting it to create a smokescreen for criminals to do as they please while inflicting harm upon others for personal and selfish gain.

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