Fauci: Gays Can Hook Up on Grindr, But No Church Communion


Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many are wondering what activities are safe to resume at this point and what are not. At the top of the list are questions regarding the free and unhindered practice of religion in this country — something afforded to us in the First Amendment of the Constitution. Yet, despite the protections, government officials have turned to the world’s premier mouthpiece for medical tyranny, Anthony Fauci, for advice.

You may remember several weeks ago Fauci was asked in an interview by Peter Hamby at Vanity Fair,

If you’re swiping on a dating app like Tinder, or Bumble, or Grindr, and you match with someone that you think is hot, and you’re just kind of like, “Maybe it’s fine if this one stranger comes over.” What do you say to that person?”

In short, Fauci’s response was if you’re willing to take the risk, go for it. Fauci–who couldn’t seem to settle on a conclusive resolution on the prudence of gays hooking up on Grindr–repeatedly answered: “that’s tough.” Yet, Fauci seems to have a definitive answer for churches who want to serve communion: “I think, for the time being, you just gotta forestall that.”

Asked if he thinks Communion can be distributed safely, Fauci said “no,” especially in areas still getting the virus under control.

So, to clarify, for Fauci, hooking up with strangers on gay dating sites is something he’s okay with so long as you’re willing to take the risk, but he sees no way that churches can serve communion safely. Yet, this is the man everyone, including churches, are turning to for advice on reopening.

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