Evangelical Pastors Throw Support Behind Black Lives Matter as They Riot, Loot, Vandalize, and Steal


If you needed another reason to disregard Black Lives Matter as a legitimate organization for the purpose of promoting a positive cultural change, look no further.

In a video captured by a Black Lives Matter’s supporters Twitter account, the organization justifies this act of illegitimate lawlessness as a righteous thing to do. “For anyone who’s not from Minnesota,” the account tweets, “protestors did this to target because it is a Minnesota owned company and they help fund the Minneapolis police department and that should be enough of a reason to do this”


And, as the violently attack an old lady in a wheelchair:

What’s worse, however, is the number of Evangelical “church leaders” who support this movement. Notable Southern Baptist pastor, Thabiti Anyabwile is an outspoken supporter of the movement as is Jemar Tisby, founder and CEO of The Witness — a progressive pro-abortion sub-Christian ministry that serves no other purpose than to promote Democrat politics.

Thabiti Anyabwile is so blinded by his identity politics that he can’t rationalize why people conducting a riot and looting stores, throwing rocks at police, and vandalizing everything in sight, including police cars and government property are treated more harshly than those who are peacefully protesting against government tyranny at a state’s capitol.

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