NC Governor Admits Wearing Masks Nothing More than Virtue-Signaling, Says Do it Anyways


Amid the coronavirus pandemic, there has been much debate over whether or not face masks actually do anything to protect people from the disease. Evidence is largely mounting that it does not. Nonetheless, leftists are continuing to fear-monger and insist that doing so will somehow help mitigate the spread of the disease.

Roy Cooper, governor of North Carolina — where the Republican National Convention is slated to be held in August in Charlotte — has relentlessly continued pushing the narrative that this pandemic is far deadlier than it actually is. So much so that he and his incompetent Democrat health secretary, Mandy Cohen are actually floating the idea of making elementary kids wear facemasks when and if they return to school this fall.

Now, the Democrat governor appears to be admitting that wearing the masks is nothing more than a nice gesture that shows people that “signifies” compassion.

Yet, the fact remains that these facemasks do little to nothing to actually help with spread of the disease. The warning label on the box actually says this.

Are Non-Respirator Masks Ineffective at Protecting Against COVID-19?

So why are we still pushing for such drastic measures? Is it to control people’s thoughts and minds through fear? Obviously so — a prime tactic the left has employed for centuries. Yet, Roy Cooper wants us to believe that doing so actually does good for society.


  1. […] Of course, leading physicians have been quite clear that wearing a mask won’t help protect you from contracting COVID (or from passing it on). And while the science doesn’t support mask-wearing, which can actually assist in spreading the illness (because people uneducated in mask hygiene are more likely to contaminate things like doorknobs and shopping carts), Democrat politicians are promoting masks as a politically correct “gesture” to signal sympathy with the infected. […]

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