Todd White Suggests Churches Require New Members Cast Out Demons During Membership Class


Serial blasphemer and idolater, Todd White — of whom has been labeled a great man of God by Francis Chan — now suggests that new church members should be required to cast out demons from a demonized person on stage during their membership class.

Todd White is a rank heretic — there are no two ways about it. Todd White not only teaches prosperity theology but is a fake faith healer who practices such parlor tricks as leg-lengthening.

Narcissist Todd White has a habit of comparing himself to Jesus as he recently said that Jesus didn’t defeat Satan as God, but as a man — which is false — and then used that to put himself on par with Jesus. Reformation Charlotte has run a number of articles exposing the false teachings of Todd White and will continue to do so.

In the video below, White starts twisting the Scriptures to try to prove that signs and wonders are a necessary component of the Christian life which includes casting out devils.

In the Christian life it actually says that these signs will follow them that believe. Now there’s a lot of the Church that doesn’t believe that. And there’s not science following them, and I understand that. And that’s okay. But they’re supposed to if you’re a believer. It says “in my name they will cast out devils.” Now watch. I just want you to picture this. What if membership classes at the church, if you came for membership classes, they had a demonized person on stage, and in order for you te be a member, you had to cast the devil out? That would change church attendance.

Of course, this a complete annihilation of the Scriptures and the purpose of signs and wonders. While I’m sure I’ll get plenty of pushback from serial idolaters of signs and wonders, suffice it to say that even in the case of those who hold to continuationism should agree that what Todd White does and promotes falls well into the territory of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

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