Al Mohler Allegedly Calls Professor “Idiot” For Standing Against Social Justice


Reformation Charlotte has been covering the leftward drift of the Southern Baptist Convention and its various entities for several years. It is nothing less than heartbreaking to watch the denomination you grew up and and have fought for die a slow, agonizing death into the deep pits of liberalism. However, that is exactly what is happening right before our eyes and its hard to ignore it.

For years, we have placed the blame of the liberal drift on the shoulders of the most progressive entity in the denomination, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) led by former Democrat staffer and George Soros mouthpiece, Russell Moore. However, it has become increasingly obvious that Moore and the ERLC are not the cause of the liberal drift, but merely the most obvious symptom. While the denomination has become more and more divided over the last year as much more has come to light about this progressive movement as many more have risen to oppose it, even more have come out to staunchly defend it. It’s really a sad sight to see.

Reformation Charlotte has been covering and commenting on the reporting by Worldview Conversations who has been interviewing Russell Fuller, a former professor at Southern Seminary under Al Mohler who was recently fired after having a history of standing against the social justice movement within that seminary. You can watch parts I and II at this link. In part III of the interview, Fuller drops a bombshell against three of the most malignant social justice leftists the school has ever employed: Matthew Hall, Curtis Woods, and Jarvis Williams.

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While we already knew about these men and their agenda to turn the school into a social justice warrior factory, that a highly-respected, well-established full professor of many years at the school would confirm our reporting should send shockwaves through the denomination.

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Fuller speaks about the years of fighting this social justice influx within the seminary and how he has been reprimanded time and time again for speaking out against the movement. He has spent years warning against professors who are teaching errantly and in this latest interview, he accuses Jarvis Williams of concocting and teaching a false gospel. Reformation Charlotte has long held the position that the social justice movement within the Church is actually heretical and adds to the gospel that which the Bible does not teach, therefore, we fully agree with Fuller’s assessment on Williams.

However, possibly the most shocking revelation in this interview is that Al Mohler, the president of the school, allegedly reprimands Dr. Fuller in front of his colleagues and calls him an “idiot” for standing up against the social justice movement, refusing to acknowledge the progressive view of “systemic racism,” and speaking out against the professors teaching secular ideologies such as Critical Race Theory and Standpoint Theory. The interview is fascinating and well-worth the watch.

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