Trump Demands Governors Open Essential Houses of Worship Right Now Or He Will Override Them


Since the coronavirus pandemic started early this year, churches around the country have shut their doors at the behest of tyrannical governors’ and politicians’ unconstitutional executive orders all in the name of public health. Now that the evidence is mounting that the lockdowns have had little to no effect on the spread of the virus, these state and local orders are not being rescinded as quickly as they were put in place.

While many governors — Democrats — have deemed abortion clinics and liquor stores as “essential” services, some have gone to the extreme of blaming the spread of the virus on Christians.

Today, President Trump announced that governors would be held accountable if they did not allow churches to open immediately. “This nation needs more prayer, not less,” he said today during a press briefing. If they don’t, he says, he will “override the governors.”

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