NC Governor to Make Elementary Kids Wear Face Masks When School Starts in Fall


When the coronavirus pandemic first began, one of the most absurd things I thought I’d ever heard was that we’d have to wear facemasks to go shopping or go out in public. But that was then. Good times, good times.

Today, during a kids Q&A session online, North Carolina governor Roy Cooper and his sidekick health director, Mandy Cohen took a question from a kid named Bryson. Besides the obvious fact that the kid’s question was well-rehearsed and the answers prepared, Cohen answered on behalf of Cooper stating that not only will desks be further apart and kids won’t be able to go on field trips, but they’re going to ask kids to wear facemasks.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried this or not, but have you ever tried to get a little kid to wear a facemask? Kids are already overtaken with distractions in the classroom which are exacerbated by ailments such as ADHD — try throwing a facemask over all of that. (Breaking: Whopping 76 Percent of North Carolinians Support Reopening the State Immediately)

Can you imagine a teacher trying to interact with students wearing a facemask? All the kids in the room are talking, the teacher asks the class to be quiet, but one doesn’t. “Who’s still talking?” she asks. Right.

The stupidity of such a ridiculous and absurd requirement cannot be expressed enough. This is what happens when Democrats get voted into office and they lead by emotion. Instead of making decisions that actually benefit people, they cater to minority interest groups and play on the fears of people. Facemasks are just another way for politicians to assert dominance over their constituency.

Kids Q&A – Gov. Cooper and Dr. Mandy Cohen

Gov. Cooper and Dr. Cohen spend a lot of time answering questions from the media during press conferences. This time, we wanted to do something different. Tune in at 10 AM on Wednesday, May 20!

Posted by Governor Roy Cooper on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

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