Beth Moore Says She’s Tired of “Toning Down” Her Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, She’s “Breaking Free”


I think Beth Moore has been on coronavirus lockdown for too long. The psychological experts have warned against the extreme mental breakdowns and psychotic episodes that can occur when people are caged up for too long and unable to do as they please. While Beth Moore is not known for sanity, coherence, and intellectual stability, her latest tweetstorm comes off a little unhinged — even for her.

We’ve all known that Beth Moore is off the rails. And she’s so far off the rails that she has blatantly lifted her middle finger to God in defiance of his command to submit to her husband and be silent in church.

Whether it be her fanciful tales about meeting a stranger at a bus stop to give her money because “God told her to,” or outlandish dreams of God lifting her up in the air to envision Catholics and Protestants in ecumenical unity or her recent elbow-locking with heretics Joel Osteen, Matt Crouch, and Brian Houston, her hand holding with wolftress, Joyce Meyer, her quick jump to condemn an innocent high school kid in a racist media propaganda attack, or her declaration that spending time with God is not the same thing as spending time in the Bible, one thing is for sure, Beth Moore is no stranger at all to false teaching.

But what we may not have known is that all of our “mocking” her has actually been holding her back and now, she’s “breaking free” and releasing her full-blown Pentecostal Holy Spirit-blaspheming self into the world for all to see — so she says.

So if you thought Beth Moore was off the rails before — as we certainly did — you better grab your popcorn for her next show.

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