While Murderers Run Free, NC Police Dept Busy Citing Restaurants For Serving Customers


As the statistics continue to expose the overreaction to the draconian measures taken by politicians around the country amid the coronavirus pandemic, public health officials and tyrannical elected officials refuse to relinquish their authoritarian control over their territories. In March, after North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s executive order that criminalizes coming out of your home except for what he deems “essential” business, many county and local governments followed suit. However, the measures have proven minimally — if at all — effective and in most cases, unconstitutional.

Now, the police department in Buncombe County where the city of Asheville sits has issued a citation to restaurant owners for daring to serve customers inside their building. Oh, the horror!

After receiving complaints from community members, the Asheville police department began surveillance on the business.

APD is aware of the non-compliance of the Buncombe County Department of Public Health and Governor Cooper’s orders at the Rise ‘n Shine Cafe. Over the weekend APD received 3 complaints from the community in reference to non-compliance. Officers responded to the restaurant on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday APD officers witnessed individuals dining in and issued a verbal warning. This morning, as a result of persistent non-compliance to the public health order, APD has issued a citation to the restaurant.

Meanwhile, while the Asheville Police Department is busy citing restaurant owners for serving customers, the police are having difficulty finding the perpetrator of a stabbing incident that took place in the city.

It only seems logical that if the police were focused on actual crimes rather than wasting time spying on businesses daring to serve their customers and bring in some income so they can feed their own families, that actual criminals would probably be less likely to be running around on the loose.

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