New Video Footage Shows Sketchy Interaction Between Ahmaud Arbery and Police


New video footage that has surfaced shows an interaction between Ahmaud Arbery and police that casts questions on the innocent narrative of “just a jogger.” The video shows Arbery being approached by police where the police remained calm and in control while Arbery was acting irrational and irate, physically approaching the police after being told to stand back.

While it is important to note that this video does not incriminate Arbery of any crime, and has nothing to do with the recent shooting of Arbery, it is an interesting piece of information that casts doubt on the narrative that Arbery has nothing but “good intentions.”

On May 9, Candace Owens commented on the prevailing narrative, stating “Ahmaud Arbery was caught on camera breaking into an unfinished property that was owned by Larry English. His mother has confirmed it is him in the video. Please stop with the “just a jogger” bulls**t narrative. Avid joggers don’t wear khaki shorts & stop to break into homes.”

When investigating a crime, we must rely on facts rather than emotions. The leftist media have done a phenomenal job creating a false narrative that there is an epidemic of white-on-black murders in America. However, the data from the FBI statistics show the opposite, that twice as many blacks kill whites as whites kill blacks and, when adjusted for population, blacks actually kill whites at a rate of approximately 15 times that of white on black.

Disclaimer: This video does not incriminate Arbery nor does it relieve the McMichaels from any criminal wrongdoings. It is simply another piece of evidence.

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