OR Governor Sics Child Protection Services On Salon Owner Who Opened Her Business


Reformation Charlotte has been covering the far-left draconian government power grabs around the country and reporting on the Democrat Socialists who have issued tyrannical and unconstitutional shutdown orders designed to do nothing more than boost their own ego and keep themselves in power.

Among the worst of these have been Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Charlotte’s own North Carolina governor, Roy Cooper. Both of these tyrants have acted vindictively toward conservatives who believe that the Constitution is an indisposable document and they continue to enact executive orders that do anything but help the current coronavirus pandemic. All they are doing is hurting families while giving government handouts to people in the hopes that they will win votes.

However, perhaps no governor has been more vindictive than Kate Brown of Oregon after she sends the Child Protection Services after her and her family for daring to open her salon to try to feed her family.

We reported a couple of weeks ago that the Oregon Health Department issued guidance for the child welfare department to remove children if parents were infected with the coronavirus. Amid Brown’s unlawful, unconstitutional orders to remain shut, one salon owner tried to open her salon because she states, she and her employees have been unable to receive unemployment benefits and have been unable to provide for their families. Listen to her story below:

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