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Al Mohler “Repents” of Biblical Position on Slavery



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In an interview with Larry King on CNN in 1998, Al Mohler was asked about slavery and the Bible where he rightfully answered that that while the Bible does not endorse slavery, it does require slaves to obey their masters. When asked if that rule applied to runaway slaves, like the famed Harriet Tubman, he told King that there is no loophole for disobeying. 

As unpopular as it is among the social justice camp, there is no case that can be made that this is biblical. Ephesians 6:5 clearly states, “Bondservants, obey your earthly masters with fear and trembling, with a sincere heart, as you would Christ…” In 1998, Al Mohler was right — there is no loophole.

But in today’s overly sensitive social justice warrior world, Evangelical leaders who once stood on the foundation of truth and Scripture have now exchanged the truth about God for a lie and are, instead, worshiping the culture and ideology that surrounds it. In an effort to appease the world, most Evangelical leaders will refuse to hold a controversial position if it makes others uncomfortable.

And that’s exactly what Al Mohler has done.

After the 1998 video of Mohler holding this controversial but biblical position recently resurfaced, he came out and apologized stating the back then, he was “wrong.” According to Religion News Service, Mohler stated, “It sounds like an incredibly stupid comment, and it was.” He continued, “I fell into a trap I should have avoided, and I don’t stand by those comments. I repudiate the statements I made.”

Except, what Mohler has actually done is despite the fact that his position was biblical, because he has decided that it is more important to be popular than truthful, he has abandoned that position. You can listen to the latest Rant below:

In this episode, I rant about Al Mohler’s repentance from what was clearly the biblical position on the morality of slavery to one that is approved by pagan culture. Now that the pagans know that Mohler values their opinions of him, my guess is this only the beginning. At least Jonathan Merritt has hinted that he is coming after Mohler on other issues.

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