Maryland Public School District Approves “LGBTQ+ Studies” Course


Montgomery County School District in Maryland just approved a new course for high school juniors and seniors to indoctrinate them in LGBTQ+ ideology while promoting the history of sexually aberrant people.

According to WTOP, “Montgomery County’s LGBTQ studies course is believed to be the first in the region — and one of the first in the nation to offer a course on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender history and culture.”

The course will be offered at two pilot schools in the upcoming Spring semester of 2021 and is expected to expand to at least eight other schools in the district in the following school year, according to Scott Murphy, the director of secondary curriculum and districtwide programs for Montgomery County Public Schools.

According to the report, the course “will explore LGBTQ identity, history and culture. The social studies elective will be open to juniors and seniors who have taken American history.”

Despite the fact that the course is taxpayer-funded, thank God that at least, for now, it is elective. But the direction that public schools are moving in, we can expect that the course or its tenets to be incorporated into core curriculum sooner or later. There is currently a massive push by leftists for the curriculum and leftists have a history of not stopping until they achieve what they want.

TRENDING:  Franklin Graham, Evangelicals Join Pro-LGBTQ Activist, Anti-Trinitarian for "Christian Concert"
TRENDING:  Franklin Graham, Evangelicals Join Pro-LGBTQ Activist, Anti-Trinitarian for "Christian Concert"

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