Major Blow to Liberalism, 41 Percent of Parents More Likely to Homeschool After Pandemic


Using public schools as the primary means of progressive indoctrination of the nation’s children has taken a major blow as a recent poll from Real Clear Politics indicates that 40.8 percent of parents are now more likely to homeschool their children after the coronavirus pandemic ends.

Public schools are well-known for their emphasis on diversity — so long as that diversity is within the progressive end of the spectrum. Very little “diversity” on the conservative end of the spectrum is tolerated. Public school children are exposed to extreme sexual education, a vast intolerance of conservative Christian beliefs, and are forced to celebrate aberrant sexual causes such as transgenderism. But now, according to the poll, parents who once thought homeschooling would be too much to handle, but are not being forced into it amid the pandemic, are realizing that it could be a viable option for their family.

The question that was asked of 626 parents was:

Are you more or less likely to enroll your son or daughter in a homeschool, neighborhood homeschool co-op, or virtual school once the lockdowns are over?

Of the respondents, 40.8 percent said they would be more likely while only 31 percent said they would be less likely. The spread seemed to be pretty even among political lines as 45.7 percent of Democrats said they would be more likely and 42.3 percent of Republicans. However, ethnically, blacks (50.4 percent) and Asians (53.8 percent) were more likely than whites (36.3 percent) or Hispanics (38.2 percent) to continue homeschooling.

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Another question that was asked was:

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School choice gives parents the right to use the tax dollars designated for their child’s education to send their child to the public or private school which best serves their needs. Generally speaking, would you say you support or oppose the concept of school choice?

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Of the respondents, 64.4 percent of whites and 67.6 percent of blacks responded that they would support the concept of school choice while the political line breakdown said that 59 percent of Democrats and 75 percent of Republicans would support it. While only a small sample was polled, the results do suggest that a larger number of blacks actually hold to more conservative ideology than their party affiliation would suggest.

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