Censored: Amid Coronavirus, Social Media Has Conservatives Right Where They Want Them


Three months ago, nobody would have predicted the enormous amount of control that a few elite players have over the entire population of the world that we are seeing right now. It is a fact that communication is controlled and censored — and has been for quite some time — by the corporate social media giants that own the web. But, until recently, at least people had other options.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, progressive politicians have locked down every possible facet of society they can possibly get away with under the guise of “social distancing” effectively breaking any line of personal communication outside of the confines of Big Tech who have the power to single-handedly silence any speech they deem inappropriate.

What we once thought was impossible in this great nation — that which only happened in third-world Communist societies — is happening right before our eyes. The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States has effectively been rendered obsolete in this day of privately-owned corporate-controlled public space. These corporate giants have created a virtual reality that society now exists in and have created virtual laws and given themselves power not limited by the Bill of Rights, but unlimited in every virtual sense. We are living in a social media Matrix.

Right now, churches cannot meet, many businesses are closed down, and gathering at a restaurant with friends to talk about the latest political scandals simply isn’t going to happen any time soon. Right now, the world is dependent on social media to chat with friends, debate political interests, and preach the gospel — and the tech giants have their own Constitution by which they allow their citizens to live by. And it doesn’t include Freedom of Speech.

While churches around the world are conducting their worship services online because they believe they have no other choice, social media giants are silencing any religious opinion that refuses to celebrate the sexual revolution, affirm transgenderism, or placate open homosexuals with terms of endearment all under the guise of “hate speech.” Opinions, articles, videos, or anything else that falls out of line with what the corporate giants have deemed to be “safe” or that kicks against any mainstream “approved” narrative on any social, political, or medical issue are almost immediately removed and those who dared to share are met with swift disciplinary action, warned, and some even placed in social media jail or expelled for life. It happens every day — dissent is not allowed.

And right now, with the presidential election coming up, progressives want to continue this nationwide lockdown for as long as they can because they know that a world that depends on social media to communicate is a world that will not be able to communicate freely — and they know that its the conservative opinion that will be silenced and washed away. They have us right where they want us and will keep us here until we stop them.

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