Pastor Whose Church Was Shutdown Confronts Cluster of Police Officers Not Following Social Distancing Orders


Following the unconstitutional shutdown by police of a Los Angeles area church for gathering in a group of larger than 10 people against the governor’s shutdown orders, the pastor of the church that was raided by police confronts the same police officers for doing the same thing.

A group of approximately 20 LAPD officers was seen clustered together, not wearing masks, and not standing at least 6 feet apart from each other despite the governor’s executive order to do so.

While we respect the rule of law and our police officers, the hypocrisy and double-standard here is overwhelmingly clear. While these executive orders don’t officially in most cases target and single out churches — in some cases they do — often times, churches and religious gatherings are being targeted and singled out for enforcement.

In Charlotte, police arrested a group of Christians peacefully protesting outside of an abortion clinic despite the fact that the Christian group were following all social distancing guidelines. The police in the city unfairly targeted the Christian group because leftists deemed their activity to be “non-essential” yet, the abortion clinic itself was fully operational and deemed “essential.”

Further, in New York where the largest outbreak of the coronavirus has hit the U.S., churches have been threatened with permanent closure by the mayor of New York City while at the same time, the media glorifies mosques that are continuing to operate during the pandemic.

Churches have been unfairly targeted by police in many situations. In Kentucky, one church that was holding drive-in services was repeatedly harassed by police as they met, taking down license plate numbers during service and drawing the attention of leftist activists who poured nails in the parking lot trying to stop the church from meeting.

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