Evangelical Leader Likes Tweet That Suggests White People Are Naturally Inclined to Kill Black People


Ray Ortlund is the epitome of everything that is wrong with the modern Evangelical Church. He is also the epitome of what it means for a man to not act like a man. He is given over to the feminist movement–siding with the likes of Beth Moore who is single-handedly trying to turn the Evangelical Church into a #metoo movement and I’ll stop until there’s a woman behind every pulpit in America. He is also fully given over to the godless anti-gospel woke movement which seeks to turn the Church into a political launching pad for Cultural Marxism and social justice.

And Ray Ortlund is a prominent leader in the Evangelical Church and closely tied to the Southern Baptist Convention.

Ortlund is the pastor at Immanuel Church in Nashville, Tennessee. He also serves as President of Renewal Ministries, Regional Director in the Acts 29 Network, and Council Member of The Gospel Coalition.

And, just like any good progressive, Ray Ortlund isn’t going to let a good crisis go to waste.

In the aftermath of the revelation of the tragic shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, many are using this to advance the narrative that white people are inherently racist and evil and prone to attack black people for no other than the color of their skin. And Ray Ortlund has, as usual, joined that chorus to signal his own virtue and advance his progressive agenda by throwing an entire ethnic group under the bus.

Jahna Riley, a community activist, racist, and racial agitator asked the question to “white people” on Twitter, “What are you doing to make sure that you’re raising children who won’t kill mine?” And Ortlund finds himself fully in line with the line of thinking that white people need special life training not to kill black people.

I truly feel sorry for the people this man leads in his church.

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