Michigan Dems Introduce Bill That Would Make it Illegal to Display Confederate Flag on State Property


Amid recent revelations about the Democrats in the state, Michigan may likely be the most progressive state in the country. At least, the Democrats are trying to make it that way. After the tyrant governor Janet Whitmer has repeatedly exerted unfounded force to enforce draconian lockdown orders based not on scientific data, but on a desire to increase her power of the citizenry of the state, many patriotic Americans have protested.

There is not a single instance in history whereby law-abiding rightful gun owners have lawfully assembled and a gunfight broke out. But the Democrats in Michigan don’t care and are using a recent assembly at the state Capitol by law-abiding citizens to invoke fear and enact drastic measures to curb legal gun ownership and quell free speech.

It's a sad day in America when you have to strap on a bullet proof vest to your wife so she can sit in an open space and…

Posted by Harvey Santana on Thursday, April 30, 2020

According to Bridge, Santana was so fearful of these men who legally carried weapons into the Capitol that she wants to ban guns — and Confederate flags — from the property altogether.

Santana introduced legislation this week that would make it illegal to display a Confederate flag on the property. despite the Constitutional free speech protections for doing so. Senate Bill 0905, sponsored by Santana reads:

An individual or an organization shall not display the Confederate battle flag inside or on the grounds of this state’s capitol for any purpose.

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