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False Prophet With Beehive on Head Says Physical Healing the ‘Fruit of Repentance’



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Todd White is a false prophet who is a strong proponent of the false gospel known as the prosperity gospel. White — a close associate of Francis Chan — has taught a number of aberrant teachings including that a man went to Hell and Jesus showed up down there to save him.

He also “prophesied” that all sexually-transmitted diseases would be cured at his Awaken the Dawn Conference — but that didn’t happen. He also believes that Jesus didn’t defeat Satan as God, but only as a man, placing all men on par with Jesus and he believes his critics “hate him” because he is just soooo much like Jesus.

In the video below, he is teaching the false Word of Faith teaching that physical healing is the fruit of repentance. Interestingly, his repentance couldn’t physically heal him of the beehive stuck to his head — but I digress.

From Popular Gospel:

In this video Todd White teaches that the fruit of repentance is physical healing, meaning that if you have repented of your sin, you should also not have any sickness or disease (he uses an example of three women who were baptized and were healed of the scars on their arms from cutting). ⁣

Logically this means that if you aren’t physically healed, it’s because you haven’t repented of your sin. Imagine how devastating this teaching would be for faithful brothers and sisters in Christ who are struggling with physical illness; it could cause you to question your salvation. ⁣

“If God doesn’t judge me for where I’ve been, why is where I’ve been still judging me?”⁣

(If God has forgiven me for sin, why aren’t the consequences of my sin removed? If the consequences of sin are still here, has he really forgiven me?)⁣

Jesus died primarily to remove the penalty of sin (the justice of God for sin is death and hell), making peace with God. He also died to remove the consequences of sin (sickness, poverty, death), but these aren’t promised to be removed in this life! Christians still get sick and die and are not promised our best life now. It is not until we receive our glorified, resurrected bodies in the next life that we will be completely free of sin and consequences of sin.


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