Microsoft Word Lists “Xenophobe” and “Chauvinist” as Synonyms for “Patriot”


Microsoft, founded by the globalist world population reductionist Bill Gates, lists the words “xenophobe” and “chauvinist” as synonyms for the word “patriot.”

As reported by Sam Orbo on Facebook:

So, I’m up early writing my new book, and brainstorming, and look what Microsoft Word think is synonymous with PATRIOT! Bias, much? How did we get so ideologically driven and wrong-minded, to boot?

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Merriam-Webster defines “patriot” as “a person who loves his or her country and supports its interests and policies.” Merriam-Webster does not define the word “xenophobe” but defines “xenophobia” as “fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners,” and “chauvinist” as “having or showing excessive favoritism towards one’s own country.”

Reformation Charlotte tested other online thesauruses. While did list “ultranationalist,” it did not include “xenophobe” or “chauvinist” as synonyms.

This is just another example of the brainwashing that is taking place in every microscopic corner of our society. This is not proper English, this is indoctrination based on political and cultural aberrations. These words are not actual synonyms for the word “patriot.” Parents must be aware of what their children are doing online, at school, and everywhere.

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