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ERLC’s Russell Moore Protégé Defends Pro-Choice Movement, Says They Passionately Desire to Reduce Abortion


If you’ve ever looked closely at the “pro-choice” movement, you’ve noticed one thing — they are about anything but “choice.” In fact, they are so opposed to any meaningful “choice” in that they spend countless dollars, hours, and energy fighting against anyone and any movement that offers any other choice but abortion.

From sidewalk counselors to legislation requiring ultrasounds prior to an abortion, the pro-choice movement is hell-bent on expanding abortion, increasing access to abortion, and silencing any criticism of abortion — especially from a Christian perspective.

But that doesn’t stop the progressive wing of Evangelical Christendom from defending them.

Kyle Howard, a graduate of Al Mohler’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a protégé of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’s Russell Moore spent an entire thread on social media defending the pro-life movement’s so-called “passionate desire to reduce abortion.”

Right. And “soft complementarianism” isn’t egalitarianism either.

Howard goes to defend the pro-choice movement, stating that they “seek to reduce abortion thru compassionate policy rather than taking away what they consider a woman’s rights,” citing this as a “common goal” between pro-life and pro-choice people.

Let’s be clear: PRO-CHOICE IS PRO-ABORTION! Period.

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Here’s a thought. See all the people in the picture above? Russell Moore, Trillia Newbell, Matt Chandler, Beth Moore, etc.? These people ought to be ashamed that they broke bread with this guy. Howard spends his entire life practically opposing every Christian thought and belief in history — even complaining that the Scriptures “trigger” him.

But these people aren’t ashamed of him. They defend him. They’re ashamed of John MacArthur — a man who spent his entire life defending the gospel and faithfully preaching the Scriptures. But Kyle Howard — no, they love him. They welcome him into their family. They treat him like an insider and call him “brother.” Beth Moore even refers to him as “nephew.”

This should tell you all you need to know about all of these people — if you’re a faithful, bible-believing Christian, you should have nothing to do with these people.

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