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Poverty, Disease-Ridden LGBTQ Community Demands Government Prioritize Them Amid Coronavirus



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The same militant group of LGBTQ activists who demands that the government force the country to celebrate their perverse lifestyle is now demanding that the government prioritize the LGBTQ community when policy decisions are being made regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Recently, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) released a report that detailed the obvious health issues related to the lifestyle choices of LGBTQ people including their overwhelming susceptibility to other diseases such as HIV/AIDS place them at a disproportionate risk to COVID-19.

The report noted that up to 50 percent of gay black men and 50 percent of transgender women (males who dress like females) are diagnosed with HIV. Other risk factors include the LGBTQ communities inclination to smoking and disproportionate level of homelessness — all related to their personal lifestyle choices — place them at a higher risk requiring special treatment from lawmakers.

“In many cases, LGBTQ people are at greater exposure and risk of both economic and health complications than non-LGBTQ people because of the types of jobs they are more likely to have, because of their experiences with poverty and lack of paid leave, and because of the health disparities they have compared to non-LGBTQ people,” the report concludes, “This means that the responses to COVID-19 taken by the government, policymakers, and the private sector must actively consider the unique situations of LGBTQ people in their plans for addressing this crisis. This especially includes those within the LGBTQ community who are most marginalized. For example, responses to COVID-19 must consider older LGBTQ adults struggling to access care and satisfying basic needs in social isolation, or homeless LGBTQ youth struggling to find meal stability during changes in school operations. These responses must also consider the unique needs of LGBTQ people of color and transgender people who are more likely to live in poverty or forego care due to costs. Lastly, policymakers must prioritize making paid leave more accessible to all workers.”

We need to understand that the lifestyle decisions of the LGBTQ community are what has placed them at higher risk for complications related to COVID-19. To suggest that the government should prioritize the LGBTQ community with “explicit protections” is simply absurd. While we do not wish additional harm on anyone, giving priority to those who’ve actively chosen to engage in risky behavior at the expense of the taxpayer is simply not feasible.


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