Mother Says She Is Proud That Her 15-Year-Old “Transgender Son” is Going Through Menopause


If nothing else, the transgender hysteria has accomplished at least one positive thing — it has exposed the lunacy of the people who have completely lost their minds and embraced a worldview that says boys can be girls and girls can be boys.

As foolish as that sounds, it isn’t the worst of it. In the UK, the public health department — the ones responsible for making the country’s public health policy during the COVID-19 outbreak — is encouraging men who identify as women to get tested for cervical cancer despite the fact they don’t have a cervix.

Now, a woman in Australia claims her 15-year-old “transgender son” — that is a female who thinks she’s a boy for those who may be confused — is going through menopause. And she’s “proud of him.”

In an article published at Essential Kids, Carolyn Tate reveals that she had been giving her daughter puberty blockers since the age of 12 despite the fact that in Australia, hormone therapy can’t be given until the age of 16. After revealing that her daughter had been feeling sick, it was the next statement that should worry us.

It was when we started googling the symptoms that the penny dropped: my son was going through menopause.

She has been giving her daughter injections of Lucrin, a drug that stops estrogen production, in what she says is “administered via a needle that looks big enough to sedate a horse.”

For the first week, he didn’t feel any different. Once we remembered to go back and read the literature, we realised that was the time his body was adjusting to the drug Lucrin, which inhibits the body’s ability to make oestrogen. 

Once that oestrogen tide goes out, that’s when a short and sharp menopause can hit. Apart from that, the only side effect is potential bone brittleness from a loss of calcium, so we’re being vigilant about ensuring he’s keeping up his vitamins. 

For my son, those menopausal symptoms lasted only about a week. He continued to feel physically a bit off, but emotionally he was elated because he knew that the change he’s been waiting for was finally occurring.

This woman is killing her daughter and destroying any chance she has of living a normal life. Not only do the statistics show that the vast majority of “transgenders” end up regretting their decision, that a child at this age should even be considered for the kind of treatment that causes permanent damage to her body should be treated as a severe case of child abuse. This girl can never have children of her own now because of what her own mother has done to her. This growing trend is as bad as the abortion industry. It is sick and if people don’t rise up against this nonsense, more and more innocent children are going to be destroyed at the hands wicked parents and doctors.

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