Democrat NC Senator Says People Who Want to Go Back to Work are “Idiots”


If you’ve been following the #ReopenNC saga in North Carolina, you’re aware that for the past couple of Tuesdays, hundreds have gathered outside the state capitol to protest the complete shutdown of North Carolina’s economy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

As of April 23, 2020, according to the NC Department of Commerce, there are currently 705,339 North Carolinians unemployed. Out of those, 606,081 of them are due to COVID-19 shutdowns. That’s 86 percent of unemployed people are due to the governor’s executive order to shut down all businesses that he has deemed to be “non-essential.”

Since February, North Carolina’s unemployment rate has jumped from 3.6 percent to now over 14 percent and is expected to continue to grow.


  • To support unemployment, there must be significantly more working people than unemployed people. We have already reached that threshold in North Carolina.
  • Higher unemployment reduces tax revenue which reduces the government’s ability to provide essential services such as police, fire, and rescue, ultimately leading to more deaths.
  • Poverty has been proven to increase deaths through suicide and lack of available healthcare.
  • An increase in unemployment creates a dependence on government and reduces productivity and innovation.
  • Dependence on government creates an atmosphere that is more open to oppressive socialist and communist economic and political systems which, let’s face it, has killed far more people than any virus ever has.

Yet, that doesn’t stop Democrat North Carolina State Senator Wiley Nickel from launching invectives at people intelligent enough to see the big picture. While small-minded actual idiots like Nickel and our communist governor, Roy Cooper — who don’t have to worry about how they’re going to feed their children or make their mortgage payment — have ingrained in them an unquenchable blood-thirst for power and dominion over the citizens, belittling hard-working citizens is just par for the course.

Does Nickel know what he’s doing? Of course, he does. He knows that name-calling and personal attacks are what motivates Democrats and, of course, that’s what he wants. Democrats eat this stuff up. They don’t care if more people die because of unfounded, unscientific policies — they just want Democrats to show up at the polls in November.

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