North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper Served “Intent to Sue” For Infringing on Constitutional Rights of Protestors


Democratic Socialist governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, has been under fire for his draconian lockdown orders that have shut down most of the state except for what he has deemed to be “essential.” Amid the executive lockdown order, the State Capitol Police have dispersed and even arrested citizens who have peacefully assembled — while maintaining social distancing — to protest his executive orders. In other words, Roy Cooper seems to have made protesting his executive orders a violation of his executive orders since he — and the police — have deemed protesting a “non-essential” activity.

In the midst of this unconstitutional activity, illegal arrests, and state-wide implementation of martial law, a group of citizens as part of the #ReOpenNC campaign have retained a law firm — Michael Best & Friedrich LLP — which served Roy Cooper with a letter of intent to sue if he does not guarantee the constitutional protections of the individuals assembling to protest. Below is the letter in full.


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