While Christian Content Being Banned, Twitter Promotes Game Depicting Women Sexually Seducing Their Bosses


While Christian and conservative content is being banned left and right on social media giants like Facebook and Twitter — content being deemed as “hate speech” that goes against their policies — apparently, digital games depicting women sexually seducing their bosses for being late for work is A-OK.

The following role-playing game, Love Sick was promoted on Twitter and it depicts a female who woke up late and the player gets to choose her actions. Her actions involve getting up, and fixing her hair, putting on make-up, and then strolling into work late where she’s then scolded by her boss. The user then has the option to either change her clothes for her boss or ask her boss to undress her.

The tweet with the video can be seen at this link.

One can only wonder what we’ve come to as a society when Christianity is deemed “hate speech” but women being used as sex objects for the entertainment of perverts is acceptable on Twitter.

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